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Marrakech is a former imperial city and one of the most popular tourists destination in the Maghreb. It is home to beautiful mosques, palaces, gardens, as well as the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square and the fragrant colorful souk market. With plenty of things to do and see in both the medieval and modern parts of town, Marrakech is a captivating city. Our company, Take Your Guide is an authorized tour operator and travel agency based and registered in Marrakech. We are specialized in organizing luxury holidays, tailor-made tours, fun activities and excursions, business meetings, and all sorts of events that surely would exceed your expectations.

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we ensure that you will have a great holiday and you will be among the people who spend unforgettable days in morocco.

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Our objective is to offer a personalized service. If you want to travel to morocco, you can book with us, we ensure we understand your requirements, preferences, and passions.

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we have a great communicators and friendly hosts. They are there to bring the history and archaeological sites to life. They are also there to make your holiday as relaxing and inspirational as possible.

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